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Money Uncensored cuts through the financial noise to uncover honest answers.

Money Uncensored provides resources for individuals and organizations seeking to align their financial strategy with current and future economic conditions.

WARNING: This website contains critical thinking, ethical behavior, personal responsibility and honesty.

Money Uncensored is a mission.

It is a living breathing novel about financial honesty

It empowers people to get passed the financial noise and find answers to their personal situations with as little bias as possible.

Money Uncensored answers these three questions

How is money created?

What are the 10 Dangers of Investing?

What still works?

The mission is to assist people in their quest to live with purpose and joy by sharing sound financial and personal solutions.

Writers of Money Uncensored promote honest financial education, realistic investment strategies, and connect people around the world to valuable resources.  Writers continuously update their articles to provide better answers and more positive experiences.

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  • Be reverent, and show gratitude for things great and small in thought and deed.
  • Be kind and generous; strive to create a warm, homelike atmosphere.
  • Be practical and avoid frivolity.
  • Be contributive to the development and welfare of our global community by working together, regardless of position.
  • Be ahead of the times through endless creativity, inquisitiveness, and pursuit of improvement.

Inspired by Sakichi Toyoda, 1935.

New Precepts:

  • Be polite when possible.
  • Be forgiving
  • Admit mistakes
  • Correct mistakes
  • Show compassion



Financial solutions suggested by writers must abide to the known laws of the land.  Thus, any “outside the box” solutions must actually be lawful “outside the box” solutions. Any incorrect information will be immediately corrected.

Our Story started when we knew the financial crisis of 2008 was coming years before.  In an attempt to help people move their money into investments not correlated to the stock markets,  we discovered a hornets nest of other financial dangers.  Through the process of elimination we started discovering financial answers.  Money Uncensored is our contribution to sharing those answers.


Disclaimer:  We do not provide legal financial advice even when licensed advisors are writing articles or assisting in strategies under the Money Uncensored brand  We strongly suggest you discuss your financial situation with an honest and qualified  professional where ever it is necessary.  Even though some of the solutions may sound honest and wonderful, you still need to discuss your financial ideas, even if they were inspired by Money Uncensored, with a professional.  We take no responsibility for individuals  that do not use this advice and then make a mistake for not taking this advice.


It is our privilege to serve the global community which is looking for financial honesty. We survive and become even stronger with your generosity. We appreciate all donations and will consider them a sign of encouragement to keep going. We love all of you.