B.B. King Singing “Inflation Blues”



Inflation Blues (Video Below)

Hey, Mr. President
All your congressmen too
You got me frustrated
And I dont know what to do

Im trying to make a living
I cant save a cent
It takes all of my money
Just to eat and pay my rent

I got the blues
Got those inflation blues

You know, Im not one of those high brows
Im average Joe to you
I came up eating cornbread
Candied yams and chicken stew

Now you take that paper dollar
Its only that in name
The way that buck has shrunk
Its a lowdown dirty shame

Thats why I got the blues
Got those inflation blues
‘Cause I have

Mr. President, please cut the price of sugar
I wanna make my coffee sweet
I wanna smear some butter on my bread
And I just got to have my meat

When you start rationing
You really played the game
And things are going up and up and up and up
And my check remains the same

Thats why I got the blues
Got those inflation blues

B.B King singing Inflation Blues

(This article was inspired by The Mises Institute’s Facebook post after B.B. King’s passing)


B.B. King Singing “Inflation Blues”



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