Natural Market Forces Still Trying to Resurface the Bear Market


Ever tried drowning a bear?  That is exactly what the world bankers, politicians, and mainstream media are trying to do.

No matter how much misleading or confusing data is out there for public consumption in order to stop any mass panics, just remember one important thing.

You cannot stop the natural market forces from resurfacing forever.

Sooner or later the next financial crisis will resurface and it’s going to get ugly. But if you prepare now, you may be able to do more than just  protect your wealth. You may be able to make even more wealth if you know how to play the game.

There are plenty of articles on Money Uncensored… and more to come… to possibly help understand how to protect and even grow your wealth during dark financial times.  When the bear market finally attacks, do your best to prepare for it because there are no guarantees.

Consider this data that was revealed in a recent interview with David Morgan.


The DOW is off 2,000 points from its high.
China is at a 78-month low, off by 40%.
Japan is off 3,000 from its peak.
Germany is also off
UK is off 16%.
France is down 18%
Brazil is off 12,000 points since their peak.
Italy is down 50%.
Indian stocks are down 4,000 points.
Russia is off about 10%.

We can collectively kick the can down the road for a long time but eventually that can is going to head off a Bear Market cliff.

The global economy is slowing down especially due to the slowdown in China. It spreads to emerging economies.  Then we have weakness in the Euro and other currencies which reduces the global GDP.  That lowers demands for goods around the world.  The United State and Canada is also effected.

As we have reported before, the Fed cannot raise interest rates.  To do so is to invite the overall economy to slide into a possibly server bear market.  What they can do is create more quantitative easing which will create a different panic being the value of currencies devaluing.

In other words, you need to protect your self from major Deflation and major Inflation.


Here is a video of David Morgan explaining his position on the world economy and other things.


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