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Scalable IP Products are one of the Four Mega Trends rapidly rising in the investing world.  Starting with the USB Spider Charger, Lomiko Technologies is a representation of many visionary companies facing the future of IP products head on.

Lomiko Technologies  (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lomiko Metals Inc. which trades on the TSX Venture Exchange  (V.LMR))  is seeking to develop and commercialize innovative green energy, cleantech products. This begins with keeping tabs on the latest technology and consumer trends.  The Spider Charger provides a clear example of the growing changes in IP technology which is moving further into the mainstream culture. This patent-pending technology is made in USA.

Spider Charger replaces existing outlets

The Spider Charger replaces standard electrical sockets and is easy to install. It can charge up to 8 smart devices at once with 6 USB ports and 2 standard plugs. 

Have you ever had the situation where you sit down in a room, coffee shop, library etc. and, needing to charge up your hand held device, you look around and see that every outlet is taken?  The Spider Charger solves this problem by allowing up to 6 USB devices to be charged up at the same time without compromising on “charging” speed. Beside technological advantages, the Spider Charger eliminates unsightly clutter and allows users to maximize receptacle usage at common locations such as hotels, airports, coffee shops, kitchen counters, desktops or wherever you need to charge your electronic devices.

Power Outlet Clutter        VS.   spider charger Lomiko Technologies


What makes the Spider Charger different from other similar products?

With conventional USB power adapters, substantial energy is lost as waste heat. This energy loss is multiplied when many devices are plugged in at the same time, each with their own adapter. USB connectors for phones are not included and are sold separately. In comparison, the Spider Charger reduces energy loss by eliminating the need for multiple USB power adapters that waste power even when not in use. It also slashes energy consumption, operating with up to 90% efficiency when six USB devices are plugged in and charging from a single wall outlet at the same time.

Here are some of the most convenient benefits.

• The Spider Charger is compatible with any USB powered electronic equipment requiring outlet such as tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras among other things:

• The “Spider” can power up to eight iPads, tablets or phones at the same time with up to 90% efficiency.

• It has a dual purpose- USB connectors and supply cords do not obstruct access to AC receptacles.

• It supports many other IOT appliances such as lights, security cameras, blue tooth audio players, etc.

• Provides safe electrically isolated USB power for Christmas tree LED lights, toys, games and fans requiring 5V power.

• Interchangeable face plates for colour coordination.

• Hospital Grade option for the utmost in product safety.

How the Spider Charger looks installed

• It is the same size as standard existing wall plates, which makes it easy to replace older outlets.

• It’s built “flush” into the wall with only 10 mm USB ports exposed .


Like many new ideas and products The Spider Charger has been introduced by Lomiko Technologies through a Kickstart campaign and video showing its features and how easy it is to install.

The Spider Charger is trademarked and licensed by Lomiko Technologies.

To learn more about the Spider Charger, you can visit the website at





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