“Coins and Crowns” Song Lyrics About Social Unrest From Falling Fiat Currencies


“Coins and Crowns” is  singer/songwriter Elaine Diane Taylor’s commentary on the social unrest resulting from the fall of fiat currencies. The song was featured in Episode 1 of Mike Maloney’s documentary series – The Hidden Secrets of Money.

To listen to the song …http://youtu.be/wfG9QaPBBy4

It’s all going down, down, down
The peasants reeling
From a game of coins and crowns
We’re all feeling
When they borrow for war
No gold in store
They just print more

Then our costs go up and our jobs go down
Hunger goes up and hope goes down
Then anger goes up and it all goes down, down, down

Gold and silver from the ground
Five thousand years of money found
Mine it up, melt it down
A fair exchange to keep us sound
Print it up and it all goes down

Kings and queens with golden crowns
Five thousand years of empires founded
Make some war, win some ground
Just give us bread and circus clowns
To keep us down

heart-Money Uncensored

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