Ask this one question to a Financial Advisor That Never Discusses Silver & Gold?


This is a simple test you can use to encourage growth in your relationship with your financial planner.

If your financial advisor has never brought the subject of precious metals ask that person “Do you know how money is created?”

A financial advisor that never brings up the topic of silver and gold in any financial discussion may not know how what gold’s former role was in currency creation. That could also mean they may not know how fundamental currency creation works so they can pass that knowledge on to you.

How do you open up that discussion without offending anyone? Perhaps with the spirit of love and care and understanding.

This is not about whether an advisor recommends precious metals in your financial plan.  Heck there are plenty of reasons why an advisor may not recommend a portfolio of precious metals.

This is about competency vs complacency.

Take a look at Danger #5 of the Ten Dangers of Investing.

DANGER #5 – Many Mainstream Media and Financial Groups Will Not Suggest You Invest a Significant Portion of Your Funds Into Silver and Gold Until It’s Too Late!

Whether you are in  a Banking Conference in Europe or a local Home and Garden show, the majority of financial advisors  currently seem to not care about money creation or precious metals

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Many financial advisors trust their upper management to take care of all the fundamental issues instead of learning it themselves.


So ask them how money is created.  If they don’t know or say it doesn’t matter, maybe it’s time to have an open discussion about your feelings on this matter, if any.



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