The Financial Markets and the Geo Political World – Spring 2016


Forgive me if this seems too dramatic.

The increasingly alarming events happening in the financial world that is not being fully reported in the mainstream media is unprecedented. Now is not the time to get angry with the past actions that have cause this situation. Now it the time to prepare for the main event before it happens.  Yes there is a likely going to be a big crash coming and it’s going to be very ugly.

The $1,000,000 question everyone wants to know is when will it happen?

I honestly do not know.  Here are some details.

1. Stock Market Price to Earnings ratios are at their highest levels ever except for the dot com bubble. Each time it reaches this point, the market crashes. It’s coming.

1(a) Every technical analysis chart I have looked it is screaming crash.
1(b) Every Fundamental analysis I’ve investigated is screaming crash.
1 (c) Every policy the Fed has taken since 2008 has NOT worked. It only appears to be working. I repeat. It’s NOT working.

2. This is the smoking gun….Deutche Bank has FINALLY admitted in court to rigging the silver market. This admission is exactly the same as if the ratings agencies in 2005 had admitted they were handing out ratings for fees that led up to the 2008 Sub Prime meltdown before it happened. Obviously they didn’t admit it, so nobody was warned of the dangers… and the 2008 Crisis was the result.

If silver and gold prices were allowed to go up like they should have by now, it would have been a warning to everyone that the monetary system had severe problems and we would have all adjusted accordingly.

Shortly after this admission, Deutche Bank also admitted to rigging the gold market. They named Scotiabank and HSBC as part of the criminal activity.
This is GIGANTIC news and yet nobody on CNN is talking about it. NO USA BANK WAS NAMED. How can that be when they are likely at the heart of this criminal activity?

3. Last week silver and gold prices got smashed down on what was clearly a fraudulent or at the very least a questionable transaction. This happened AFTER Deutche Bank admitted to rigging the markets. Think about that. Was this a desperation act or was it arrogance? Maybe it was levels of both.

4. There is a currency war going on. Beside all the other economic jockeying going on, here comes the main event. China is definitely hiding its real gold reserves in an attempt to be on par with USA’s gold reserves. China probably feels it cannot peg its currency to gold until it reaches parity with USA. According to James Rickards they need another 4000 tonnes to be on par. China is secretly acquiring more gold than they are publicly reporting. We know this because the gold dealers that the Chinese are using to buy their gold have estimated and documented what the real amounts are in a fairly accurate manner.

There are some who believe (I agree with them) that China and USA are deliberately keeping the price of gold down by any means necessary due to the currency issues behind the scenes. This includes the $1Tn in US Treasury Bonds that China owns. China cannot afford the USA to have financial trouble because of those Treasury Bonds. In other words, they need each other.

5. Shanghai Gold Exchange has just come on the world market and it appears to bypass the US Dollar in international trade after striking a transaction arrangement with SWIFT. That is definitely a National Security Issue which threatens the U.S’s lead as the reserve currency. How could this not be a national security issue? In reality, this is the ONLY USA national security issue. Everything else such as terrorism, nuclear escalation, religious extremism and whatever else is just the residual results of this main event.

6. China has climbed from $1 Trillion to $28 Trillion in debt, This is a trainwreck ready to happen and they will take everyone down with them if they are not careful.

7. President Obama and VP Joe Biden met several times behind closed doors with Fed Chairman Janet Yellen and their staff while all of this is going on. It is not unusual for the Fed to meet with the President. But this was definitely something very different. Everybody in the alternative financial media is nervously buzzing about it. I’m honestly wondering if they know how to fix the coming crash. I hope so, but I’m doubtful and so is everyone else in the alternative economic world including , David Morgan, Mike Maloney. Rob Kirby, Harry Dent. , John Williams, Peter Schiff and Greg Hunter to name a few.

8. Obama was in Britain trying to get them to stay in EU in order to keep the system stable. My opinion is that it’s not stable either way …but what do I know? I’ve showcased articles before showing evidence that the EU had an expiry date.

9. Too much deflationary pressure around the globe is being held up by “rubber bands and tape”. If the Fed doesn’t stop the rate hikes and start printing more QE, then that deflationary pressure will start crushing the markets. The Fed has been deliberately playing Good Cop Bad Cop to with the public for the last seven years regarding interest rates in order to calm the people down.They needed to save face so they finally raised rates by a quarter percent. Just look at the damage that caused early this year. They can’t do it.

10. According to Jim Rickards, Russia is actively using cyber warfare against the US markets. There has been at least one major reported incident of a cyber attack on the NASDAQ by Russia which shut down the market and it was covered up. Then for political reasons, the news finally reported it at a much later date. And let’s be honest. There is a Cold War going on.

11. Interest rates are already as low as they can be. We’ve already seen the damage a 1/4% federal reserve rate increase caused. Negative interest rates could be the one thing that prolongs the crash. Japan is thinking about it. EU is also considering. But it won’t work. That will only prolong the inevitable and make the crash even bigger.

12. All this Saudi Arabia talk about dumping their US treasuries on the market because of the missing 28 pages on the 911 report is about the only thing that does NOT seem legitimate. Which of course is the only story CNN seems somewhat interested in covering. Saudi Arabia can’t do it without causing the Currency War to become a real war. Nor can they unpeg the petrodollar from the US Dollar without the same result. The United States would send their military in so fast and cause an international crisis that it would all be over. But the fact Saudi Arabia actually threatened it, is alarming. It means this currency war has reached Def Com 4.

This Saudi Arabia scenario is also the plot line of the 1981 movie Rollover staring Kris Kristopherson and Jane Fonda. It is one of the most realistic movies of what a currency crisis would look like.

13. The Threat of the Currency War being a real war is genuine. In fact, through 6000 years of monetary history, it has been an historic certainly. There is a lot going on. Russia is buzzing US Carriers. China has Nuke subs on the west coast. North Korea being North Korea. Iran being Iran. Cuba being Cuba. Saudi Arabia being Saudi Arabia. Can you hear the drums of war beating?

14 Oil prices have too much deflationary pressure on them and the OPEC nations could not cut a deal to limit supply. Oil prices are up, especially since the Fort McMurray fire is now international news. But like the rest of the market, oil markets may be up because it’s a dead cat bounce which means prices will head back down again.

15. Presidential elections. You have 2 candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders each in their own way talking inequality and currency reform in ways you would never hear before. And you have major media, religious and political propaganda deliberately and maliciously bashing these two, especially Trump. Every alternative economist worth their salt agrees this is exactly the case to one degree or another.

16. Vancouver Real estate bubble is being driven by the exodus of Chinese money. The more China markets buckle, the more prices will rise here. Vancouver is the largest real estate bubble in the world.

17. JP Morgan was recently reprimanded for not passing liquidity stress tests.

18. The markets keep going up. It’s like 2 + 2 = Go Fish. Apple posted its first missed earnings and dropped 9%. Apple is part of the S&P and the DJIA. And still the markets ended on a positive at the end of the trading day. Are you kidding me?

Part of this is my opinion.
Zero Hedge just reported that it is likely the Central Banks propped up the stock markets after APPLE tanked by assisting companies to buy back their stock and plunge protection. The Central Banks, especially the Federal Reserve, cannot afford to call a technical recession even though we are definitely in a recession. To actually make an official announcement of a recession would be disastrous to the moral of the American people and the world at a time of monetary turmoil. A technical recession is defined by 2 quarters of negative GDP growth. Central banks are probably going to prop up the markets by buying funds directly from the stock markets just enough to stop any official announcement of a recession. Think about how desperate that is…if I’m right of course.

18. The United States has put certain countries on warning regarding devaluing its currencies

19. We need to protect ourselves from massive DEFLATION and INFLATION.

So what can you do? I’m not entirely sure.

But I’d like to encourage thoughts of taking action now, not when it’s too late.

Physical precious metals is a start to protect from an inflationary rocket and deflation as well.. But if deflationary forces temporarily drive the metal prices down with everything else, you will need to cover your butt with more than just precious metals.

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