Free Market Hijacked By Plunge Protection Team




The Plunge Protection Team and media cheerleaders.

Amazon is trading at a Price to Earning Ratio of 180 to 1. That’s crazy. It’s not sustainable under normal conditions. So it is definitely not sustainable under these sub-normal conditions.

There is no more price discovery.

It’s hard to enjoy a blindfolded cocktail party when giant elephants are in the room knocking over the drink tables. As this party winds down and the clock nears midnight in the garden of time, let’s take a moment to reflect on some moments which got us here.

January 2015 – S&P dropped like a brick after the Federal Reserve finally raised interest rates 1/4%. It was the first time rates were raised in seven years. It confirmed to many speculators, including yours truly, it was low interest rates and quantitative easing that were keeping the markets afloat, not the economy itself.

The market bounced up on a dead cat bounce. There was one problem. The market didn’t go back down again after the bounce upward. It just stayed up.

Enter the plunge protection team

May 2016 – Brexit. The markets were caught unaware that Brexit was a reality. When it came to pass the markets dropped for a few days. But it didn’t drop down enough to the correct the bounce from the previous market drop.

Some might think with the entire European Union in jeopardy it would cause the markets to finalize that dead cat bounce and complete it’s drop. Nope

Enter the plunge protection team

November 2016. Election night. The Dow Jones dropped 800 Points in after hour trading as everyone who trusted the news media and their Democrat oversampled polls realized they were wrong.

Yet the moment the markets opened to the public the next day, it was 200 points up. That same news media changed their tune saying the markets liked the economic possibilities with Trump. So once again no drop.

Enter the plunge protection team

December 2016 Italeave. This time the after hours markets weren’t even allowed one hour to drop before the plunge protection team came in and rescued the markets.

The markets keep going and up creating one of the largest overpriced market bubbles in history.

The one moment when the markets looked ready to wobble was when the Press Secretary of the White House said the President was seriously looking at a new 21st Century Glass-Steagall which would separate the too-big-to-fail banks.

So what is the plunge protection team actually telling us with all these secret antics?

Perhaps saying with their actions if they don’t keep the markets propped up, it will cause a worldwide major event. Perhaps they are telling us we are reaching the final moments of this debt based fiat currency system.

I digress.

There is going to come a point where the plunge protection team which seems to have hijacked this market cannot prevail against the downward forces of the free market. That time is coming. The bond market…the housing market…the personal debt market…the political turmoil…the demographic changes…the trade changes…the cyber war…all happening at the same time.

The mother of all storms is coming. But when?

It is not a coincidence that the war card and Liberal Revolution card have been drawn in the USA at the same time. It is not a coincidence the media has acted the way it has.
In the car race of life…the caution flag is out.

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