Kevin O’Leary’s honest lessons on Value Investing


This is a favorited interview done by Kevin O’Leary from 2012.

It seems Kevin O’Leary learned at a young age the 4th Danger of the Ten Dangers of Investing. 80% of all mutual funds cannot outpace the market.  On top of that is the fact the fund manager looking after your portfolio is likely charging you a few percentage points on top of that.

He also learned the value of precious metals as a weighted balance in his financial portfolio.

Kevin O’Leary (Judge on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, CBC’s “Dragons Den” & Chairman, O’Leary Funds) sits down with Tommy Humphreys to chat about his investing techniques, the price of gold, how he speculates, how he’d fix the government and why his mother taught him so well. He also weighs in on the Federal Reserve, Obama’s likely election fail, former Toronto Maple Leaf’s owner Harold Ballard and his pal, billionaire Frank Giustr.


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