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Do you have a suggestion that will help us all feel we are heading in the right financial direction?

We would love to help you share it with the world.

Money Uncensored spends its moment in history,  tweeting and posting news,  politics and miscellaneous muses on the latest financial issues  and solutions.  We even write our own articles and thoughts and join the collective forces of goodness focused on these topics of importance.   For numerous reasons, so many of us disagree as far as the east is from the west on the health and direction of our economy and our way of life.  Sooner or later we all must face the fixed laws in the universe head on and make decisions both globally and individually on how best to thrive financially in these interesting times.


We will publish, post and tweet the best suggestions as soon as possible for everyone to ponder. Each season we will review the best ones for everyone to see and have opinions on.



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It is our privilege at  Money Uncensored  to serve the global community which is looking for financial honesty. We survive and become even stronger by sharing information.  We love all of you.


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Leslie Michael Jr. was born and raised on the Westcoast of British Columbia, Canada. He is a lecturer of Money Uncensored, a series of presentations designed for North Americans and people from around the globe to better understand the financial direction this world is headed and what they can do to protect themselves financially.

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