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Peter Arnold

The following is Peter Arnold’s review of the book Money Uncensored the Canadian version.  You can find more of Peter’s education and review at

This is FINANCIAL EDUCATION as it should be (and what should be being taught in our educational system).

It alerts readers of the critical need for “financial awareness” — it encourages “taking personal control” — it gives wonderful explanations (and examples) for “how money is created” and “how money works” — it warns readers about our (scary) “debt based currency systems – FIAT money” — it truly explains the “fundamentals of wealth and money” — etc…

It covers beautifully, the INFINITE BANKING CONCEPT and the ALL-IN-ONE (Net Out Accounting) banking system(with excellent graphs, etc)

I too, am a large fan of both Mike Maloney, and Dr. Ron Paul — two brilliant experts on the “monetary system”

It’s nice how one part of the book “leads into” the next, and then builds upon that – with summaries at the end of each.

I love the phrase – “get rich properly” vs “get rich quick” :>)

All in all — a “much needed” piece of work — CONGRATULATIONS!


For more information on the book Money Uncensored click here.


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