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The coming wealth transfer will be the greatest in world history…which means it is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime.

What a crazy summer.  As the summer heats up, so is the topping of the S&P.  The Dow Jones Industrial Index reached newer highs on lower trade volume and horrible earnings data.  We are watching the lowest yields ever continue from the 10 Year US  Treasury Notes.   Damage has been created from Britain’s decision to leave the European Union which will eventually break up the EU in the years to come. The Italian Banks are teetering. The China debt bubble is getting higher. Vancouver and Toronto real estate is bubbling due to several macro-economic reasons.  The US election cycle is bringing out high emotions leading to civil unrest.

And then there’s Deutsche Bank.  With around $40 – 50 Trillion Dollars in derivatives, this troubled bank and others like it can also start the debt bomb rumbling, even if their total net exposure from their derivatives is only in the billions.

Will the debt bomb explode before the summer?  Will the Powers that Be Prolong the crash for years to come? Or will a black swan event start the inevitable?  Who knows?

More important…Will you be ready when it does?

It bares repeating. This coming wealth transfer will be the greatest in world history…which means it is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime.

We want each reader to take advantage of the greatest wealth transfer opportunity of a life time.  That’s what we aim to help each reader with.  And that will continue in Season Three of Money Uncensored to an even broader focus.

And yet the mainstream media is silent on all of this probably because of normalcy bias.

What we see happening in Venezuela could be coming to your town too if the central bankers and political machine  don’t come together soon and do something noteworthy.   You simply cannot keep printing your way out of an economic crisis forever.  6000 years of monetary history has taught us that all fiat currency systems collapse.

The time to get ready is now, even if the Money Masters kick the can down the road for years to come.

This debt bomb is going to explode. It is unlikely it will be contained forever.  It can only be prolonged.  And the longer it is prolonged, the bigger the debt blast could be.

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Here is a video from trader Gregory Mannarino to help you see where we are in the markets.  Unfortunately it’s not good.  But with every crisis comes opportunity.

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It is our privilege at  Money Uncensored  to serve the global community which is looking for financial honesty. We survive and become even stronger by sharing information.  We love all of you.



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