The Big Short Delivers a Long Emotional Reminder

Some of you will watch The Big Short and say it’s an emotional Hollywood exaggeration. But it isn’t. Not for me
Reading and then watching “The Big Short” and other stories such as “The Greatest Trade Ever” emotionally reminds me how badly many of us were treated by so many close people. Why? It because we were pointing out something out of concern for everyone’s well being that they didn’t want to hear.
That being a major financial collapse was coming. It was so obvious to me and others who did investigative research all the way back in 2004 and even before that time.

Yet many people even ones close to me refused to even listen to me or give any weight to what I had researched. To them, I was just some guy everyone knew saying things in the face of Wall Street, Bay Street, the Federal Reserve, mainstream financial advisers, and the countless and often arrogant talking heads on TV.
Unfortunately it took years longer than I and others expected for the crisis to complete its public awakening. That caused even more prolonged personal suffering because it made me look even worse to those who were judging me, and others like me.
Right or wrong, this has been my experience.
Mostly everyone who hurt me, deliberately ignored me, called me arrogant, still call me arrogant, walked away from me, had corrupt motives to use me, wouldn’t help solve the problem of how protect people or how to profit from the 2008 crash in the years before have never apologized to me to this day. I suppose they feel they don’t need to.  That is their journey.  
In reflection I offer this suggestion to you…whoever you are.
Stop participating in the politically correct world where you’re not suppose to show your vulnerability, humility or talk about these financial certainties or even the slightest possibility of a coming debt collapse. Now is the time to learn from the lessons of a movie like The Big Short and start the conversation.


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