The Peculiar Case of Adrian Douglas of GATA


There once lived a man named Adrian Douglas.  He seemed like a good man, a fair man, and most interestingly a man seeking justice from a financial system allegedly bent on suppressing the price of precious metals; especially gold and silver.  He fought a corrupt system and became a member of the Board of Directors for GATA, which stands for The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.

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GATA has been amassing evidence that the prices of gold and silver are deliberately suppressed.  GATA has also been amassing evidence there is a large conspiratorial effort to profit from the manipulation of these prices.

In Adrian’s words at a GATA Washington Conference, he was at first skeptical of the idea that gold was going to be an investment opportunity of a lifetime.  He was also skeptical of GATA’s claim the price of gold was subjected to manipulation that was unsustainable due to central banks having dwindling supplies of gold in their vaults.

With an engineering and science background, he knew a research scientist doesn’t set out to prove a hypothesis.  He sets out to disprove it.  And yet he could not disprove GATA’s claims.  So he knew the hypothesis presented by GATA must be true.  And thus he believed them.   Having examined the research of GATA, it was impossible for Adrian to step back and watch this situation from the sidelines.  He had this overpowering compulsion to roll up his sleeves and get involved.

Once joining GATA, he discovered the question most investors wanted answered was “when?” “When would the manipulation be over?”

So Adrian decided to figure that answer out through examining market forces.  That started with examining supply and demand and the difference between the two.  Then he looked into the deliberate effort of the banking cartel to do everything in their power to keep the price suppressed and maintain a strong dollar policy.

But as he examined more recent history,  he came to the conclusion the consorted effort of the banking cartels to keep the gold price manipulated was on its last legs.  He believed in his lifetime the gold suppression would come to an end.  Thus he prepared information to the public to let them know what was going on and to be prepared for gold to be the biggest investment in history, not just a lifetime.

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Sadly, Adrian Douglas died in 2013 never seeing the moment that the natural market forces would overtake the alleged manipulation efforts of the banking cartel.  He never got to see the days when gold prices will skyrocket to unimaginable levels.

As was relayed to Money Uncensored by GATA leaders Chris Powel and Bill Murphy during a Cambridge conference, they solemnly wished Adrian Douglas would have seen that moment.  But let’s not forget one important thing.  Adrian’s research is still as real as it was when he was alive and the manipulation will one day soon come to an end.  It could be today or it might be years from now.  We as guardians of our family, friends and community should prepare ourselves for that coming day even if we pass on from this life and leave it to our inheritors.

Adrian’s story is a lesson we should all pay attention to regarding Danger #5 of the Ten Dangers of Investing

DANGER #5 – Many Mainstream Media and Financial Groups Will Not Suggest You Invest a Significant Portion of Your Funds Into Silver and Good Until It’s Too Late!

Please watch Adrian’s wonderful lecture on the history of the price manipulation and learn why he believed it will end soon. Then make up your own mind.  Here it is.

GATA Washington Conference – Adrian Douglas from Chris Powell on Vimeo.


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