These Four Mega Trends Could Create Generational Wealth Fast


Even in the face of financial uncertainty, the natural forces of the market combined with creative drive can sometimes move certain market sectors higher.  During historically challenging times, certain stocks can have an amazing run and provide a safe haven for wealth.  Such is the case during the great inflation crisis of Weimar Germany.

And sometimes stable companies which are managed well during a natural mega trend  could provide more than just a safe haven for capital.   They might just provide an opportunity for investors to grow generationally transforming wealth  within a short period.

Such may be the case for four mega trends making huge waves in the market place right now.

The current momentum of these four mega trends could have the ability to turn small company stocks into mammoth business machines.  At least that is what financial analysts like Michael Markowski of Dynasty Wealth  are showing through their research.

Dynasty Wealth Investing, for example believes the decade ending 2020 will be recorded historically as the best ever for those investors who generated generational wealth from diversified portfolios.

Investors looking ahead in the next five years are jockeying to figure out which companies in each of these sectors will rise 100 times higher. But a rising tide floats all boats.

Not since the days of the Dot Com frenzy have jumps of this magnitude been possible in a short window of time.  Which also means the time to consider investing in these sort of companies is perhaps now instead of later when the boom is over and the bubble has popped.  And who knows when the coming debt bubble that will also eventually pop and leave the masses devastated?

In other words, get in now and leave before it’s over. And don’t over invest into these markets and leave yourself vulnerable to the other Ten Dangers of Investing

Take a good look at these four mega trends that are emerging in the next five to ten years.

Crowd Funding

Smart Phone Applications

Scalable Intellectual Property Products.

Cannabis Infrastructure Providers

All four of these major emerging trends could have or spawn companies with potential of having their market value increase a hundred times by the end of a decade.


Crowdfunding’s growth is taking place right now to the end of the decade.  This growth compares to the The Dot Com growth between 1996 and 2000 .  Between 2015 and 2018, Dynasty Wealth for example is predicting 4 billion Crowd Funding users as it enters a “hockey stick growth” on the charts.


Smart Phone user base is expected to grow to 5 billion users by 2018.  Not only is it one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, it is the industry that will support the growth spurts of other major industries that are in the path of its influence.


Then there is Scalable Intellectual Property Products.  Be it the hover-board or the latest electric vehicle.  Be it new programs, internet ventures or revolutionary inventions. This movement along with increase in knowledge with different intellectual properties is growing super fast.  Angel Investors we’ve been in contact with have started shifting more of their focus into these sorts of investments when only five years ago, many of them wouldn’t have considered it.


Cannabis sales estimates show it’s the fastest growing industry in the United States.    But it’s the Cannabis infrastructure providers that could be the big wealth builders. During a recent Cambridge investing conference, the shift from mining stocks to marijuana and tech was blaring as business men and woman shared their best marijuana stories.

All four of these possible mega trends will have an in-depth review in future Money Uncensored articles.


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