Truth Rising | Phase 2 of Money Uncensored Focuses on Investing


Now that a foundation on financial honesty has been established, Phase 2 of Money Uncensored will focus on investing and real estate strategies.

Many of the articles and strategies featured in Money Uncensored are also part of other major financial courses that cost thousands of dollars.  Except over here its all available for free.   We humbly appreciate donations although it is not required.

It’s extremely important to put your financial affairs in the proper order first. That’s exactly what Phase 1 of Money Uncensored is all about.

Phase 2 may be just as important.  Investing for even higher returns could create a higher and faster abundance in wealth.

Major trends are occurring that could create huge opportunities you may want to learn about.


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Writers are preparing articles focused on investment trends and strategies. Real estate investing  strategies will be also be a major topic to be covered.


When there is a world of financial possibilities why settle for something as trivial as a mutual fund that likely has an 80%+ chance of not even beating the stock markets?

Money Uncensored will also continue to write articles from Phase 1 on the fundamentals of money creation, avoiding as much of the 10 Dangers of Investing, and most importantly on simple financial solutions like guaranteeing yourself a rate of return, paying off your home in half the time or less, becoming your own banker and protecting your wealth from outside forces.


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It is our privilege at  Money Uncensored to serve the global community which is looking for financial honesty. We become even stronger by sharing information with each other.  We love all of you.


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Leslie Michael Jr. was born and raised on the Westcoast of British Columbia, Canada. He is a lecturer of Money Uncensored, a series of presentations designed for North Americans and people from around the globe to better understand the financial direction this world is headed and what they can do to protect themselves financially.

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