Welcome Back to Bizarro World – State Of The World Economy


As Season Two of Money Uncensored begins, we welcome you back to “Bizarro World”. Where everything financially that should be rising has fallen and everything that should be falling is still rising.

The first Bizarro World was a fictional planet appearing in DC comics books in the early 1960s. Currently, Bizarro World has financially taken over planet Earth, including its world bankers, its financial institutions, its mainstream media, its spiritual institutions …and of course its citizens.

Today in popular culture “Bizarro World” has come to mean a situation or setting which is weirdly inverted or opposite to expectations. But most people in Bizarro World couldn’t tell you they live there because they think everything is normal.

Duh! After all this is Bizarro World. And Bizarro World citizens are vastly different from Earth’s previous citizens.


But how long will that last? How long will it take the natural market forces of money to kick the door of reality open and return its citizens back from episodes of The Walking Dead to a sobering financial reality?

That’s the $1,000,000,000,000 question.

Let’s start this season with a sobering shot of truth. The state of the world economy is dire.

State of the economy

State of the economy

No matter what type of spin the media puts on the financial situation, it’s nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig.

The U.S. debt is barely controllable. The Federal Reserve can’t raise interest rates so they keep balking. The mainstream media keeps buying the rhetoric they will raise interest rates. The real unemployment rate is ugly. The European Union is flirting with financial ruin. The Chinese economy is slowing down as it joins the United States and Europe in devaluing its currency. We’ve had a flash crash of 1000 points on the Dow Jones. The mining shares have been pounded at a time when emerging industries need mining companies to produce raw goods for them to use. Precious metal prices are still depressed. Oil prices are disrupting major industries. Housing prices are stressed. Wall Street criminals get slaps on the wrist while everyday citizens get long jail sentences for victim-less crimes.

Today CEOs of companies that were bailed out are billionaires while the masses are struggling and financial whistle blowers are hiding from their respective homelands.

And while all this goes around us, the financial markets have mostly been staying higher. Financial pundits and advisors are still talking away with the same financial advice which got us into this mess in the first place. Real financial solutions are ridiculed by the same influential people. Lobbyist are still controlling politicians. Central banks are still the real policy controllers . Banks are still gambling with their depositors’ money.

And the world seems only a slight bit more worried about an epic major financial catastrophe that will change the global scope forever, let alone their lives.

That’s the state of the world economy. But before you consider joining the citizens of Bizarro World in another  episode of The Walking Dead, as the financial world crashes around you… we have one more thing to say.

Wake up!

Get up and get prepared!

Help each other out!

Start discussing real financial solutions with your family and friends!

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Leslie Michael Jr. was born and raised on the Westcoast of British Columbia, Canada. He is a lecturer of Money Uncensored, a series of presentations designed for North Americans and people from around the globe to better understand the financial direction this world is headed and what they can do to protect themselves financially.

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